Dyrland Insurance Notes

It Pays to Boost Your Credit Score

Here are some good tips to improve your credit score:

1.  Always pay your bills on time.  Set up automatic payments if you have trouble keeping track of when payments are due.

2.  Keep your balances low.  Keep credit card and other revolving lines of credit balances low.  If they have gotten higher, begin paying them off starting with the one with the highest interest rate.

3.  Be careful when opening new accounts.  Don’t open several new accounts at a time as it can raise red flags and lower your credit score.  Similarly, closing several accounts at once may also raise red flags.

4.  Limit rate shopping for a mortgage or auto loan to a small window of time (30 days).  Inquiries within a 30 day period are treated as a single inquiry.  Otherwise, multiple inquiries can lower your score.

5.  Always handle your credit responsibly.  Remember it takes time to repair your credit once it’s damaged.